Calgary Home Inspections Preparation

A home inspection is a practical and necessary part of selling any home, and sometimes what an inspector finds could delay the closing. This can be frustrating for the seller - no one wants to hear that something is wrong with their home. So if you`re looking to sell, but you are not sure exactly what issues may be hiding in the nooks and crannies, but here is a short and easy tip list that you, the seller, can use before an inspection takes place. By following this Calgary Home Inspections Preparation list, the inspection will go smoother with much fewer concerns.

1. Confirm that water, electric and gas service are on, with gas pilot lights burning.

Calgary Home Inspectors will need to make sure all utility services are running smoothly, and that there are not electrical issues or plausible leaks.

2. Keep pets out of the way!

While you may love your furry addition to the family, they may be quick to get under feet or aggravate allergies. Try and keep them out of the home or secured outside.

3. Replace burned out bulbs

This is to avoid a `Light is Inoperable` statement while testing the electrical. This could suggest something as easy to fix as a light replacement or something as serious as electrical issues.

Calgary Home Inspections
Calgary Home Inspections comment - Light is inoperable

4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace dead batteries.

Both will be tested during an inspection and the buyer will be keen to know their safety is secured with well working equipment.

5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. They should fit securely.

Make sure nothing is clogged that could be blocking the air flow.

6. Close up holes near the attic or around the roof.

Nobody wants squirrels or raccoons in the attic, so make sure to close up entry ways before the inspector can point them out.

7. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service panels, water heaters, attics and crawl spaces.

To allow the inspection to go smoothly and promptly, make sure there are no areas where an inspector may be hindered. Such as boxes piled up in front of the electrical panel.

8. Unlock areas the inspector must access - attic doors or hatches,
electric service panels, closets, fence gates and crawl spaces.

A build off of the previous point - make sure the inspector has easy access to various places in the home. Refusing to open some of these spaces can make it appear that you are hiding something which could make the buyer uneasy, and also keep the inspector from doing their job to the fullest.

9. Trim tree limbs and shrubs from the house to allow access.

Branch limbs should be cut to at least 10" away from the roof, and all shrubbery kept clean will allow the Home Inspector to inspect the foundation and grading of the home easily.  Messy yards can also be an aesthetic turn-off for home buyers, as branches can be damaging to the sides of your home or debris could be clogging the gutters.

Calgary Home Inspection
Calgary Home Inspection - Trim Bushes

10. Attend to broken or missing items.

Doorknobs, locks and latches,
windowpanes, screens and locks, gutters, downspouts and chimney caps - all should be replaced if you are able. It`s not attractive to a buyer in the first place, but they could also lead to safety concerns that will be pointed out by the inspector.

Checking these areas before your Calgary home inspection is an investment in selling your property. You can save yourself a lot of headache in the long run following a Home Inspector`s report, and your real estate agent will thank you!

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