Calgary Home Inspection Regulation

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Calgary Home Inspection Regulation
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Alberta Government Services put out legislation back in September 2011 to license all Alberta Home Inspectors.
Not all Calgary Home Inspectors are complying with the legislation.
Be protected! Follow the instructions below to check if the Home Inspector you use is listed and licensed.  
Leave "Business Name/d.b.a:" empty
Use the drop down box to pick:  Home Inspectors
Then type in CALGARY and press Submit.  
A list of all Registered and Licensed Inspectors will be there. 
There are serious dangers to hiring an unlicensed inspector, namely: Errors & Omissions Insurance.  An unlicensed inspector doesn't necessarily have to have E&O Insurance leaving you hanging if they miss anything.
What liability are you taking on by not Seeing the license of the professional inspector you use?  
Do not be afraid to ask!
All Inspectors are now required by law to carry proof of their Government License – ASK to see it!
CBC in Edmonton pulled off a sting operation with Alberta Government Services to catch known inspectors who were practicing but were not licensed.
These inspectors had no problem lying, telling the Services Alberta representative that they were licensed.
The penalty for operating without a license is severe.   
The liability is even greater – protect yourself, protect your Client!